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Browse guidance by topic. NICE Guidance; Browse guidance by topic. Conditions and diseases. Blood and immune system condition Guidance. We use the best available evidence to develop recommendations that guide decisions in health, public health and social care. Published guidance on this topic (8) New guidance in the last 6 months (0) Updated guidance in the last 6 months (0) In development guidance (0) NICE advic NICE Guidance; Browse guidance by topic. Health protection. Communicable diseases; Drug misuse; All categories. Conditions and diseases; Health and social care deliver NICE Pathways is an interactive tool for health and social care professionals providing fast access to NICE guidance and associated products. Everything NICE says on a topic in an interactive flowchart. Use this tool to find our guidance and advice for health and social care. Select a topic.

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  1. This CKS topic is largely based on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guideline Atopic eczema in under 12s: diagnosis and management [NICE, 2007a]. NICE reviewed this guideline in July 2016 and found no new evidence to warrant a change in recommendations. For a detailed discussion of the evidence NICE used to base their recommendations, see the full NICE guidance
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  3. This medicines guidance topic is about Prescription writing. Non-proprietary titles. Where non-proprietary ('generic') titles are given, they should be used for prescribing
  4. This medicines guidance topic is about Prescription writing. Computer-issued prescriptions. For computer-issued prescriptions the following advice, based on the recommendations of the Joint GP Information Technology Committee, should also be noted
  5. Guidance, advice and information services for health, public health and social care professionals. Tell us your views on the proposals for our topic selection programme. NICE draft guidance addresses the continuing debate about the best approach to the diagnosis and management of ME/CFS

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  1. In September 2017, we revised the guideline throughout to link to other NICE guidance (including technology appraisals) and some relevant non-NICE guidelines, as well as including new MHRA safety advice and updated licensing information. Recommendations. This guideline includes recommendations on: principles of care; assessment and referra
  2. NICE Pathways brings together, for the first time, all NICE guidance and associated elements in an integrated set of online, interactive, and topic-based flowcharts. The Pathways network represents, in a visual format, everything that NICE recommends on a particular topic, providing a quick way to access and navigate guidance
  3. This CKS topic on chest infection covers the diagnosis and management of acute bronchitis and community-acquired pneumonia. Acute bronchitis is defined as a lower respiratory tract infection which causes inflammation in the bronchial airways. Smoking cessation should be encouraged if relevant, and adequate analgesia and fluid intake advised
  4. Diagnosis, Eczema - atopic, CKS. Summary; Have I got the right topic? How up-to-date is this topic? Goals and outcome measure
  5. For further guidance around communication between health professionals, children and their parents/carers, NICE have produced a guideline on Medicines optimisation (see Useful resources). For guidance on the transition from paediatric to adult services, see Transitional services for chronic conditions in Guidance on prescribing
  6. Scenario: Screening: provides information on the national screening programme to detect sickle cell disease and other disorders, such as sickle cell trait and thalassemia.; Scenario: Management - sickle cell crisis: covers the management of a sickle cell crisis in primary care.; Scenario: Management - chronic complications: covers the management of chronic complications of sickle cell disease.

Differential diagnoses of atopic eczema include: Psoriasis — less itchy, well-circumscribed, reddish, flat-topped plaques with silvery scales; typically symmetrical.For more information, see the CKS topic on Psoriasis. Allergic contact dermatitis — eczematous rash, at any site related to a topical allergen, in a person of any age.Allergic contact dermatitis can be both an alternative. This guidance has been updated and replaced by NICE guideline NG12 This guideline covers managing acute painful sickle cell episodes in children, young people and adults who present at hospital, from presentation until whe

The recommendations in this guideline represent the view of NICE, arrived at after careful consideration of the evidence available. When exercising their judgement, professionals and practitioners are expected to take this guideline fully into account, alongside the individual needs, preferences and values of their patients or the people using their service This medicines guidance topic is about Guidance on prescribing. Transitional services for chronic conditions. The process of moving from paediatric to adult services can lead to a loss of continuity in care and provoke anxiety in children and their carers For further guidance around medicines optimisation and tools to use, NHS England have compiled useful links as part of RightCare; NICE have produced guidelines on Medicines optimisation, Medicines adherence, and Multimorbidity; and the Scottish Government have produced a guideline on Polypharmacy, see Useful resources

NICE interactive flowchart - Nutrition support in adults Next This quality standard covers care for adults (aged 18 and over) who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition in hospital or in the community Everything NICE has said on cannabis-based medicinal products in an interactive flowchart Guidance for organisations (commissioners and providers) Commissioners (clinical commissioning groups and local authorities) and providers (e.g. hospitals, GPs, out-of-hours services, dentists, and social enterprises) of health or social care services should establish an AMS programme, taking into account the resources needed to support AMS across all care settings This medicines guidance topic is about Prescribing in hepatic impairment

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4 NICE guidance for - a guide for patients 5 Making decisions about your care Involving you It is your right to be involved in making choices about your care. People often find they are happier with their care, and more likely to stick with any treatments or care plans, when the Guideline topic resources. Drawing on the discussions from 3 focus groups facilitated by Age UK Sutton, but SCIE has been commissioned by NICE to continue supporting the implementation of social care guidance. Find out more about NICE social care guidance. NICE guidance. News

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Our topic page on physical activity has all our guidance and other products on this subject. Guidance. The NICE guideline on physical activity: brief advice for adults in primary care has recommendations that will help with giving brief or very brief advice to encourage people to increase their physical activity Find guidance and regulation from government. Tell us whether you accept cookies. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. We use this information to make the website work. To see all the journals that you are entitled to access - including those purchased regionally and locally - you need to with OpenAthens using the link above Provides guidance on health and safety at work. Find out more about preventing and treating work-related health issues

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Remote consultations topic. Related guidance and resources to help with ethical issues. Education. You can find our ethical guidance for practising doctors in the ethical guidance section. We help to protect patients and improve medical education and practice in the UK by setting standards for students and doctors The sections included are designed to support the NICE Guidance areas of focus outlined in NG159. The purpose of the NICE guideline (NG159) is to maximise the safety of patients who need critical care during the COVID-19 pandemic, while protecting staff from infection. It will also enable services to make the best use of NHS resources

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The NICE Guideline: Diagnosis and Management of the Menopause on the diagnosis and management of the menopause was published on 12th November 2015 and will play an important role in raising awareness of all menopausal symptoms and in encouraging women to consider lifestyle changes to improve later health. The Guideline should also clarify uncertainty Established drugs and vaccines. Healthcare professionals and coroners are asked to report all suspected reactions to established drugs (including over-the-counter, herbal, and unlicensed medicines and medicines used off-label) and vaccines that are serious, medically significant, or result in harm.Serious reactions include those that are fatal, life-threatening, disabling, incapacitating, or. National Institute for Health and Care Excellenc NICE is a Non Departmental Public Body responsible for providing national guidance and advice to improve health and social care. NICE Guidance - Evidence into Practice is an e-learning programme designed to improve the understanding and enhance the implementation of NICE guidelines

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Our guidance is that source. Our committees have reviewed all of the best evidence and expert opinion and turned it into actionable recommendations. We also have alerts and newsletters to help you keep on top of what's going on. In healthcare, a systematic process is often applied to every piece of NICE guidance as it is issued Guidance by topic. Lists of Charity Commission guidance by topic. Trustee role and board; Money, To help us improve GOV.UK, we'd like to know more about your visit today Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is an enveloped RNA virus and is in the same family as the human parainfluenza viruses and mumps and measles viruses.RSV is one of the common viruses that cause. New NICE guidance on eating disorders published; Using figures for UK hospital admissions from 2012 to 2013, the eating disorders charity BEAT estimated that there were over 725,000 people with an eating disorder in the UK, approximately 90% of whom were female Ethical guidance. In this section you'll find the advice we give to doctors on professional standards and medical ethics. In 'guidance for doctors' we set out the professional values, knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of all doctors working in the UK

Families with dying children must be put at the heart of care, new guidance from NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) says. We advise people working in health and social care to make sure mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, get the practical and emotional support they need to care for a family member at the end of life Updated 5 November You can find our COVID-19 guidance below. This advice is for clinicians. Patients looking for further information on whether their condition places them in a higher-risk category, or about precautions they should take, are advised to speak to their clinical team, who are best placed to answer specific questions nice ta481 Prolonged-release tacrolimus is not recommended as an initial treatment to prevent organ rejection in adults having a kidney transplant. Patients whose treatment was started within the NHS before this guidance was published should have the option to continue treatment, without change to their funding arrangements, until they and their NHS clinician consider it appropriate to stop Objective To compare management recommendations of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines with the Kaiser Permanente sepsis risk calculator (SRC) for risk of early onset neonatal sepsis (EONS). Design Multicentre prospective observational projection study. Setting Eight maternity hospitals in Wales, UK. Patients All live births ≥34 weeks gestation over a 3. New guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on the treatment of wet age related macular degeneration (AMD) has been published. The guidance clarifies that there are no clinically significant differences in the effectiveness and safety of anti-VEGF medications that are licensed for treating AMD and those that are not licensed, such as Avastin

Although NICE guidance relates to health care in England, the other three countries of the UK may choose to adapt or adopt the guidance, depending on local agreements. Members of the nursing team are involved in almost every pathway of care. As an RCN member, your involvement with the development of NICE guidance is crucial Our ethical guidance, where we set out the principles of good medical practice and describe the professional values, knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of all doctors working in the UK ### What you need to know Hypertension in pregnancy is a common condition, affecting about 10% of pregnant women. This includes women with chronic hypertension—which may be diagnosed before pregnancy or in the early stages of pregnancy (<20 weeks' gestation)—and women with hypertension related to pregnancy (gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia) (see box 1) NICE have produced a number of resources to help local teams understand and evaluate the impacts and costs of implementing the guidance. NICE Implementation Roundtable - January 2016 Cancer Research UK brought together a team of health professionals from across the cancer pathway to reflect on the NICE suspected cancer recognition and referral guidelines and share their tips for local.

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  1. Read the NICE guidelines in full online here.-ENDS-For further information or to arrange an interview with a Mencap spokesperson, please contact Mencap's media team on media@mencap.org.uk or 020 7696 5414 (including out of hours)
  2. Group Definition Label; 1st quartile: Lowest 25 % of LAs (low rank is good): Best: 2nd quartile: LAs with values that lie between 25 % and 50 % in the rankings: Better than average rank: 3rd quartile: LAs with values that lie between 50 % and 75 % in the rankings: Worse than average ran
  3. New NICE guidance on dual diagnosis was released in November 2016: Coexisting severe mental illness and substance misuse: community health and social care services.. The guidance and supporting tools and resources sets out how services for those dually diagnosed aged 14 and above should be improved to 'provide a range of coordinated services that address people's wider health and social care.
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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published its final guidance on the management of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. It recommends that the full range of non-surgical options - including lifestyle interventions, physical therapies and medicines - should be offered to women with these conditions before any surgical operations are explored Resuscitation Council UK [RCUK] has been made aware of the revised PPE guidance published by PHE on Friday 27 March 2020. RCUK is committed to the safety of both healthcare staff and patients during a cardiac arrest resuscitation attempt and we also understand the concerns raised about the adequate supply of PPE to clinical areas National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC Update also promotes opportunities for people with dementia to take part in research Alzheimer's Research UK is applauding new NICE guidance on providing treatment and support for people with dementia that was last updated 12 years ago. Among the new recommendations published today is a change in the recommended method for diagnosing dementia. The recommendatio

AdviceOnline entries provide guidance on interpreting the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing. Alcohol advertising is often a sensitive topic. Societal concerns about alcohol, the UK advertising rules for alcohol are amongst the strictest in the world NICE quality standards describe high-priority areas for quality improvement in a defined care or service area. Each standard consists of a prioritised set of specific, concise and measurable statements. NICE quality standards draw on existing NICE or NICE-accredited guidance that provides an underpinning, comprehensive set of recommendations.

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  1. Resuscitation Council (UK) is a registered Charity No. 1168914. Resuscitation Council (UK) Trading Ltd is registered as a Company limited by guarantee in England & Wales No. 0299414. Registered office at 5th Floor, Tavistock House North, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HR
  2. www.rcm.org.uk | 3 November 2016 Setting the Context The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) published its guideline for safe midwifery staffing in maternity settings (NICE Safe Staffing Guideline NG4 2015) in February 2015. The publication of the guideline follows a number of high profile reports into instances of poor an
  3. Cancer Research UK part-funded the trial proving that aspirin can reduce the risk of bowel cancer in people with this inherited condition, and the 2015 cancer strategy for England called for NICE to develop this guidance, so it's promising to see this now being done. Samuel added
  4. Cycling UK and The British Horse Society (BHS) have joined forces to launch a consideration and courtesy awareness message of 'Be Nice, Say Hi' to help cyclists and horse riders to pass safely. Horses can react quickly when startled, so the two charities are encouraging cyclists to drop their pace and call out a greeting, giving the horse and rider time to react before overtaking wide and.

This guidance came into effect 25 April 2017. It was updated on 25 May 2018 to reflect the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018. We also have six pieces of shorter guidance which explain how to apply the principles of Confidentiality to specific situations doctors often encounter or find hard to deal with Today NICE publish new public health guidance - Vitamin D: increasing supplement use among at-risk groups. The new guideline focuses on effective ways to increase vitamin D supplement use to prevent deficiency among people who are at risk

Guidance on diagnosis of infections, using the microbiology laboratory, and appropriate use of antibiotics and antifungals in primary care Or emailing healthprofessionalacademy.co.uk [email protected] Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority - If we cannot deal with your complaint to your satisfaction you also have the right to complain to a relevant supervisory authority which include: The Information Commissioners Office - https://ico.org.uk/concern 10 July 2020. Added the complete immunisation schedule from June 2020. 13 December 2019. Added the complete immunisation schedule from January 2020

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The Code presents the professional standards that nurses, midwives and nursing associates must uphold in order to be registered to practise in the UK. It is structured around four themes - prioritise people, practise effectively, preserve safety and promote professionalism and trust Can low dose aspirin be used in breastfeeding mothers as an antiplatelet agent? Published 29th October 2020 · UKMi . Limited data and pharmacokinetics indicate that low dose aspirin (defined here as 75 - 100mg daily) passes into breast milk in small amounts The University of Sussex is a public research university located in Falmer, Sussex, England.Its large campus site is surrounded by the South Downs National Park and is around 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi) from central Brighton.The University received its Royal Charter in August 1959, the first of the plate glass university generation, and was a founding member of the 1994 Group of research-intensive. www.gdc-uk.org General Dental Council 37 Wimpole Street London W1G 8DQ T +44 (0)845 222 4141 F +44 (0)20 7224 3294 information@gdc-uk.org www.gdc-uk.org Page 1 Standard 7.1 of Standards for the Dental Team states: 'You must provide good quality care based on current evidence and authoritative guidance'

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